Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy 65th Birthday to Dean---Postcards from the Past

                                                                                                                           photo by Jill Miller  c. 1973

Who's that bad boy--- A work in progress.

                                                                                                                          photo by John Anthony, still dear friend

Young Dean with Rags in Alaska in the late '70s

Sister Ricki & Brother Dean celebrate their 42nd & 43rd birthdays at Acquerello

Picnicking with Ricki, Leah, Taya and Mimi in Marin

The famous soft ball pants. Dean wows his Looney Tunes fans with his amazing athleticism and his flashy pants!

Eating lunch at Zephyr Cove on our first trip to Tahoe in '93

Happy times at Lake Tahoe on that first magical trip (for a softball tournament)

Working on the beloved gray Astro van on another trip to Tahoe. Say what you want about those shorts!

Cheers! Dean smiles sheepishly after our waiter brought an unexpectedly LARGE beer at a cafe in Florence in the early '90s

The Pollycove string quartet featuring Dean on cello, Ricki on viola, Leah on violin and Taya on flute

The cosmopolitan couple shows up again in Firenze for Dean's 50th birthday! The temperature peaked around 100

Side by side head stands at a yoga retreat in Maya Tulum

Ros poses with Dean on one of our many trips to Washington D. C. How styles have changed!

Myron, Dean and Taya at Cousin Mike's in Anacortes

Ros, Myron, Taya and Dean in Assisi when Dean turned 50

Biking the flume trail high above Lake Tahoe

Hard at Work

The grill master preparing his favorite chicken drumsticks, before he built the deck

Fun times with elderly Rags

More fun times cuddling Allie. I'm so grateful he likes cats as well as dogs.

Dean's a hoot on Halloween

In the vineyards in Sonoma County at the annual Winter Wineland event. Hey, when did all that gray hair appear?